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If It Isn’t Anti-Capitalist, It’s Astroturf

I ratify everything Lorenzo has written in this post, which by way of examining Daily Show alum John Oliver’s Last Week, superbly lays out the problems of ostensibly “left” media celebrities and their confused fans. Just about everything Lorenzo has written about Oliver … Continue reading

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A Dipshit from Socialist Worker Looks at Animal Rights

After my last post, I went searching for radical writing on Animal Liberation, and while I found a few good things in a veritable desert, I also found this, by Paul D’Amato from the often awful Socialist Worker. While struggling … Continue reading

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The Equating of Animal Abuse and Crimes Against Humanity

I’m going to depart briefly from the usual fare of self-cannibalizing left media critique and free speech suppressing, to chat briefly about an issue that keeps coming up around the rhetoric of animal rights. This would not be much of a departure from the … Continue reading

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Sy Hersh is an Intel Asset and Therefore No Gary Webb

If nothing else, the Sy Hersh OBL story is yet one more event that exposes who I needn’t take seriously unless I’m in a really good mood. The following will mark you as someone whose self-conception of savvy knowing knowingness is at such odds with … Continue reading

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Seymour Hersh is badazzzzzzzzzzz

I will admit to a knee-jerk skepticism when it comes to widely revered white dudes, a class of people I almost never like outside of pop culture, so it follows that where a shocking number of others see a bold, life-long … Continue reading

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