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So What’s This About a Private NSA Document Reading Room?

I know, I know you’re tired of hearing about Snowden and Greenwald and Omidyar and First Look and I feel your pain, I really do. I want an end to this as much as you do, but see we’re in the final, … Continue reading

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Can We Have A Smarter Conversation About Free Speech?

  Freddie deBoer recently phoned in a defense of  free speech principles against “broad left-wing flirtations with abandoning them on [leftist] grounds.” As is normal for the genre of straight white dude condescendingly upholding the right of people to spew hatred and incite … Continue reading

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Creepy! @mtaibbi Foretold His Departure from First Look!

A lot of people were shocked when Matt Taibbi left First Look a few weeks back, but on my way to calculating how much the world’s 126th richest person had spent on The Racket before Alex Pareene gave Greenwald’s nutsack its 1,897,456th public tongue bath (salaries + rent … Continue reading

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I Read the New York Magazine Omidyar Article So You Don’t Have To

Today New York Magazine published “The Pierre Omidyar Insurgency.” The takeaway? Rich white guys are fighting the power! Highlights with comments below: Omidyar’s foundation had just unveiled a $200 million Global Innovation Fund, established in partnership with the U.S. Agency for … Continue reading

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