Denver Cop Resists Magic Document’s Awesome Power

Among the most entertaining features of USian protest movements fads are the videos of protestors explaining The Constitution to cops. Invariably the protestors are flummoxed that state employees holding a veritable monopoly on extreme violence seem either unaware of, or fearlessly unimpressed with The Super Dooper Document’s magical power to keep them in check. The protestors in a recent video making the rounds have actually brought copies to the protest, perhaps to wield defensively if things get rough, the way one uses a crucifix against a vampire.

The cops in these rituals are usually silent, letting the young ‘uns blather to themselves from the cozy confines of the pen they’ve been caged in about the one thing they seem to have learned in school. But the officer in this video offers a novel twist by engaging to explain that the First Amendment protects only a certain kind of speech. The kind that requires a permit.

Oh har har, how stupid!!! But of course he’s right. If he’d said the First Amendment only protects vowels, or  “All Lives Matter” or the phrase, “I’m a conformist dipshit with laughably incoherent politics”  he’d be right about that too. That’s because, for the duration of the protest at the very least, the First Amendment protects whatever the fuck Officer Lopez and his colleagues say it protects. This should be entirely obvious to anyone with common sense, and certainly to anyone even casually familiar with any part of movement history, but USian protestors prove again and again that they are among the dumbest, most tactically and politically ignorant people on earth.

It’s not really their fault. They’re victims of Free Speech Doctrine, a brainwashing program which they suffer first in school and then later as wielded by admired public figures, which leaves them entirely unable to comprehend how power actually works, as well as deeply confused on what is and is not compatible with principled anti-fascism. This affliction needn’t be permanent, and for those who suffer from it, I wrote this. In honor of Officer Lopez, and those whom he has confused, upset or left overcome by feelings of liberal intellectual superiority, I’ll quote what I wrote about cops in that piece:

…in practical terms, the arbiters of civil liberties are less the courts than the cops. They can issue the permits or not. They can block streets or not. They can pepper spray protestors or not. The Bill of Rights, if it matters at all, frequently applies retroactively. It’s very nice that a lot of the The Occupy protestors who were pepper-sprayed, beaten, sexually molested and jailed won court judgments in their favor, but it didn’t do anything to revive the movement the brutality intended to crush or relieve the chilling effect the protestors experience might have on their political expression in future. The cops will do it all over again when social conditions require it and cities will pay the court costs and legal settlements with public money budgeted for that very purpose.

We see this at work in Ferguson, Missouri when, after a cop murdered Mike Brown, police fought protests with curfews, sound cannons, mass arrests, brutality, and the harassment and incarceration of journalists. It’s great that the ACLU and so many media liberals wring their hands over the First and Fourteenth Amendment violations — and there may be some successful lawsuits, too —  but in the absence of any political leverage to radically change conditions on the ground, and the absence of recognizing the need for such leverage, all the outrage is just vanity, fundraising and brand-building. It’s also toxically disinformative to the extent it depicts not-really-unusual police conduct as some horribly new “constitutional crisis” that can be resolved with Member alerts, opinion columns and court briefs.

This explains why cops vigilantly protect Nazi and KKK marches from assaults by counter-protestors, but routinely beat up leftists, in keeping with the state’s historical bias toward fascism and against radicalism generally. We’re headed toward one of those periods when this disparity is particularly profound. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.  Read the rest if you haven’t already.


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8 Responses to Denver Cop Resists Magic Document’s Awesome Power

  1. Was just rereading ‘White Supremacy and Magic Paper’ this afternoon. Wish I could force everyone to read it, and then revoke their ability to speak when I’m within earshot if it doesn’t take. Did you see this?

    • Tarzie says:

      These are interesting times for the ACLU. I reckon they’ll be defending a higher-than-average number of white supremacists with some of that Fight Trump money that’s pouring in. And then we’ll win!!!

      I must admit I don’t understand the extremely negative reaction to the Y Combinator grant. The ACLU has been in bed with the oligarchs for years. Don’t get why this is some new low, though I know very little about Y Combinator. The ACLU is a shit organization with or without.

      Did you see this? Crockford is such a fucking clown. A living parody of a posturing faux left nitwit.

  2. Seán says:

    One of the most egregious of our contemporary memes on the Left is the belief that when the state turns violent it is a sign of its weakness. As you rightly identify, and as Nicos Poulantzas put it, state violence always occupies a determining space, even when it is not explicitly deployed. It remains in reserve until such time as it is needed and is best regarded as not a failure of the neoliberal order, but rather that the ruling ideology must continually be reconstituted under the ever-present threat of violence.

    I should be careful, as I’m not American and I’m unlikely to ever set foot there but it appears to me that, even in the midst of such a crisis, the belief persists, even amongst the opposition, that American politics is a drama written by Aaron Sorkin, and that one only must wave a piece of paper in the face of authority whilst demanding “Have you no shame, SIR?” in a stentorian drone. It’s arse-paralysingly juvenile.

    • Tarzie says:

      American politics is a drama written by Aaron Sorkin, and that one only must wave a piece of paper in the face of authority whilst demanding “Have you no shame, SIR?” in a stentorian drone. It’s arse-paralysingly juvenile.

      Yup. Juvenile is the word. Which is why I have sneered from the sidelines since Occupy. Not gonna get my head cracked alongside these idiots.

      Good to have you here.

  3. Stark says:

    Paper always loses to Force Majeure. As Dubya quipped, “The Constitution’s just a piece of paper”—for such a bumbling fool he’s got more sense than all these paper tigers.

    • Tarzie says:

      Perhaps because he belongs to the class on whose behalf the rest are brainwashed with this shit.

      • Stark says:

        Yep. They’ve never hid the fact that Magical Document is a useful weapon in their arsenal. Troubling to believe wealthy land thieves and slaveholders would…(Magical Paper fideists faint en masse)

      • Tarzie says:

        Troubling to believe wealthy land thieves and slaveholders would…

        What are you, a conspiracy theorist???

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