Fuck Your Partisan “Anti-racism”

All right let’s cut the shit right now.

If indeed there is ever a Democrat or Republican seeking the presidency that principled anti-racists and anti-fascists can support, neither Trump nor Clinton qualify.  Anyone who supported either candidate made a calculation that rendered the most basic interests of people of color in some place or another negligible. Therefore, the post election protests, organized by partisan co-opt shops like GOP Hands Off Me and Move On, and predicated on the idea that there was only one despicably racist candidate seeking the presidency, are dishonest, cynical and unworthy of support. Lose the “Love Trumps Hate” signs and attack the system that gave you both these monsters and we can talk. Otherwise Shut. The Fuck. Up.

Must I really review the Clinton record to make my point? It seems I must. Let’s start, somewhat arbitrarily, in 2009, when Clinton’s State Department handed Honduras off to fascists and US-trained death squads because the president there wanted to block a dam project and raise the minimum wage. By 2012, more than 300 people, mostly activists, journalists and members of opposition parties had been murdered.

Then in 2011, she helped engineer the ruin of Libya and gloated over the knife-rape murder of its pan-Africanist leader, knowing full well that the “rebels” she and her NATO pals turned the country over to would hunt down and kill Black Libyans.

In three years, her State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments had given money to the Clinton Foundation. Recipients of Clinton-brokered weapons include Saudi Arabia, which funds ISIL and wages asymmetric war on Yemen. This amount is double arm sales approved by George W. Bush’s State Department during his second term.

Clinton did all this under the auspices of an administration that has expanded the War on Terror into Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, and more than doubled the number of Special Ops deployments to 134 countries, with Africa being the continent of greatest expansion. The same administration deported 2.5 million undocumented immigrants between 2009 and 2015, which is 23% more than Bush and more than all presidents in the 105 years between 1892 and 1997 combined. The Obama Administration is now cracking down on immigrants coming from Central America, including those fleeing the hell Clinton’s State Department created in Honduras. It is estimated that by the time Obama’s term completes, his administration will have deported more than 3 million people.

Throughout her career Clinton has been the best friend a genocidal, blood-soaked Israel could possibly want. When she’s not directly aiding and abetting mass death and chaos, she speaks fondly of attacking Iran — with nukes no less — and imposing a no-fly zone over Syria against Russia.

She is part of a political dynasty that practically invented the mass caging of African-American men; that murdered more than a half million Iraqi children through sanctions; that gutted the social safety net; and that runs a foundation that in addition to taking cash for state favors as in the above-mentioned Saudi weapons deal, extracts personal gain from misery as in Haiti.

Prior to this most recent presidential election, neither she, nor her husband ever waged a campaign that was not infected with racist pandering and dog-whistles. See Ricky Ray Rector, Sistah Soulja, “superpredators,” and Hillary’s infamous assassination remark, for some examples. This time they left the racism to Trump, enjoining their numerous media lackeys to promote him and his reactionary filth, so as to terrify people into voting for Hillary.

This is only a partial list and includes only the Clintons’ Washington years and crimes that particularly affect people of color. So we can skip over Bill’s serial raping and Hillary’s interference running on his behalf, their collusion with CIA drug and weapons-running, and all the other scandals that have tailed them since their Arkansas days.

In short, Hillary Clinton and her husband are a cancer on the left by design and among the most despicable, toxic people on earth. This is particularly true in matters affecting people of color. That she is widely regarded as the non-racist, non-fascist in this hideous, degrading election cycle is the pr coup of this century so far. Partisan anti-racism is not anti-racism. It’s a whitewash.


I’ve reblogged this, but I’m mentioning it here for good measure:

Truly, fascist America would a terrifying place. This vision is so terrifying that mere days after the election, even the most conformist liberals have suddenly gotten in touch with the radical antifa apparently slumbering inside each one of them. Highly publicized protests have already occurred in several major cities. Democratic Party propaganda organ Daily Kos, which banned criticisms of Hillary site-wide in March 2016, is suddenly receptive to a planned general strike on inauguration day. Those who can manage to unscrew themselves from the fetal position are resolute in their opposition to Trump’s agenda—“we have all been radicalized,” writes future Molotov-thrower Lena Dunham.

Read the rest, pleeeze!  Actually Existing Fascism


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101 Responses to Fuck Your Partisan “Anti-racism”

  1. roastyagain says:

    Partisan racism is a great description of liberalism in general. These protests themselves are racist as I see it. Using other people’s oppression as a step to reinforcing the empire that is *directly fucking responsible* for that oppression is STAGGERINGLY racist. Clinton is the perfect imperialist sociopath, and there is no plausible argument based on the above record that she’s anything but that reinforcement. So when you stump for the queen, you stooge for the racist empire in my view.

    I fucking hate to see these protests labeled antifa, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Manufacturing ‘movements’ that mimic radicalism while repping the status quo is the raison d’etre for these orgs existence. I just for fucking *once* wish people could show 1/10th of this blazing righteous bullshit outside of the election circus.

    • Tarzie says:


      i think this is where a big divide is among radicals. there are some that involve themselves in this stuff on a “better than nothing” basis. But i don’t think they are better than nothing. You can’t deny the fact that this kind of partial attack on racism whitewashes whatever it’s not attacking. Once he’s president, it won’t really bother me that people will dog him that didn’t dog Obama, unless they funnel everything into electoral politics. But the way this particular movement is panning out, with its “Not My President,” “Nasty Women” and “Love Trumps Hate” bullshit, it’s just retroactive cleanup for Clinton. Imagine if we’d had protests on this scale before the election, expressing anger at having to choose between two monsters. That would have been really something. But, of course, that would never get the backing of MoveOn or the lavish media attention this is getting. It’s all so contrived. Same people always pulling the strings.

      • roastyagain says:

        “Imagine if we’d had protests on this scale before the election, expressing anger at having to choose between two monsters. That would have been really something. But, of course, that would never get the backing of MoveOn or the lavish media attention this is getting. It’s all so contrived. Same people always pulling the strings.”

        YES! Exactly. This is *at best* liberal petulance.

      • No soy yo says:

        Exactly. I briefly toyed with the idea of “better than nothing” and came to the same conclusion you did. I was also thinking, what if there was 40% voter turnout (of the 70+% of eligibles who are registered) and then you had protests no matter who won. That would also be such a different message.

      • gbelljnr says:

        Regime Apologists Against Trump.

      • Tarzie says:

        It’s crazy. I’m stunned by people who should know better going for this shit. I listened to a counterpunch podcast recently with Paul Street, who is one of the most clear-minded observers of the political realm, and even he acted like Trump is way beyond the pale with shit like national stop and frisk. National stop and frisk is, of course, loathesome, but it hasn’t been implemented yet and may not be and is certainly not worse than turning countries over to fucking fascists. This shit is rife with american specialness. Everything is so much worse when it happens here. Exporting it? NBD.

      • gbelljnr says:

        and it’s not just clinton mafia that is being whitewashed – the current regime is also having all of its crimes erased, its eight year reign wiped clean, the imperial butcher who presided over it beatified.

        the one thing that will not be acknowledged is the continuity of ruling class atrocity.

      • B. Everett says:

        Tarzie, “people who should know better”

        This is what has me so depressed – people whom I thought understood capitalism and imperial history work now seem to be discovering their inner liberal.

      • Tarzie says:

        They do it at the slightest provocation. The effect of propaganda on weak minds and a yearning for the good old days of fitting in. Their intellectual approach is not materialist. Its foundation is layers of religion, vanity and tv.

      • No soy yo says:

        “and it’s not just clinton mafia that is being whitewashed – the current regime is also having all of its crimes erased”

        Yes. And if Trump is a Nazi, then why isn’t the left at least demanding that Obama (and even Congress, since allegedly the Republicans were worried about Trump, too) make all the changes he/they can to reduce the Nazi’s power? Get lawyers to say that whoops, assassination wasn’t legal. Do what he can administratively for immigrants, health care, etc. If Trump is going to destroy the environment in a way that Clinton wouldn’t, Obama could do things in the meantime with Federal leases etc. Those demands would at least be consistent with their claims and fears, but then they’d have to acknowledge that Obama doesn’t give a fuck about them or the planet any more than Trump does.

      • Tarzie says:

        This is a great insight. Imagining what they would do if they weren’t complete fraudulent turds is very instructive.

  2. teri says:


    You are such an astute commenter on the reality we find ourselves in. I really, really look forward to your writings. I haven’t anything to add to what you have so eloquently and boldly expressed here, but just wanted to let you know I send virtual love your way. Yeah, I know that’s schmaltzy and fairly meaningless coming from a stranger on the internet – an old grey-haired lady, no less – but I seriously wish for you all the best things in life. Keep on truckin’.

    – Teri

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  4. robertmstahl says:

    Thank you! This is, likely George Soros’ design, this Omidiar-esque style of never ending incitement of violence, NGOs style.

  5. robertmstahl says:

    They call it birddogging.

  6. No soy yo says:

    Manufacturing dissent. It’s the only way to channel people’s anger at this point. The outside enemy of ISIS and Russians isn’t working well enough. Black people and immigrants and Muslims doesn’t do it for enough people. Then when we get to boot Trump and get a “non-racist” we will be so relieved and self-righteous that we got out there and did something. Moveon dot org wins!

    There are also the liberals, including in rich suburbs, holding marches and vigils without even any “protest” to go along with their “call for unity” and with their same “Love Trumps Hate” signs.

    It’s so sickening, it’s hard to know who is more nauseating. The truly racist Trump supporters, the liberals or the supposed “leftists.” Since most of my family is rich white liberals I see that angle on FB and some of what I’ve read is so surreal that I’ve come up with several plots for Dystopian novels. In those circles the big message is that the problem is that we don’t listen to each other and understand each other.

    • Tarzie says:

      Are dystopian novels even possible at this point? We live in one.

    • poob says:

      I think the big problem that liberals have with Trump suoporters is that the latter don’t pretend not to be racist, which they worry makes their own sociopathy, the national sociopathy, too obvious.

      I believe dystopian novels can be written in dystopia, perhaps more easily, as you can use real people and events as much as possible for realism. They problem is everyone is too tired and sick to read a whole book. Catch-23?

      • Tarzie says:

        They problem is everyone is too tired and sick to read a whole book. Catch-23?

        Ha. I think the market for dystopias in actual dystopias is probably pretty low.

    • James Cerveny says:

      Thank you! I feel exactly the same way and so lonely since the election at the heartbreaking blindness of the faux left and the faux right. I knew ignorance was widespread and tailored to two main brands, but I never thought it would be this bad.

  7. parink says:

    Why did you wait so long to finally weigh in on this election?

  8. sojourner says:

    Spot fucking on! I feel more sane after reading this!

  9. wendyedavis says:

    yes, this! and thank you. one place i disagree is that trump calling for national stop-and-frisk (if implemented) is ugly, and hard to compare to what the US exports in the name of democracy for some™. mass deportations of muslims, similarly, although few know how many millions of brown people obama has deported.

    in his current ‘roaming charges’, jeffrey st. clair writes: “‘Don’t Cry for Me, Kunduz
    Edward Snowden has been sending around this gripping photo of weepy Obama staffers overcome at the prospect of Trump’s visit to the White House. Oddly, they never shed tears when of their drones bombed a Yemeni wedding party or their jets blew up a Doctors Without Borders hospital.’, though i’m not sure that DWB isn’t a compromised ngo….

    the photo hyperlink didn’t show up; it’s this: http://cdn.newsmax.com/Newsmax/files/f0/f0be3dbc-71e4-43cb-aa95-a092e1ce1df0.jpg

    but icing on the cake that is naomi klein gave a speech while accepting an australian ‘peace prize’, ranting that trump’s ‘dangerous climate policies are ‘immoral and atrocious’ (as opposed to hers and mckibben’s, i assume), and:

    “”If we want to defend against the likes of Donald Trump—and every country has their own Trump—we must urgently confront and battle racism and misogyny in our culture, in our movements, and in ourselves. This cannot be an afterthought, it cannot be an add-on. It is central to how someone like Trump can rise to power.”

    • Tarzie says:

      I didnt say stop and frisk isn’t ugly, though the word I used was loathesome. Why are you suggesting otherwise? As to your objection, is your point that the “calling” for it makes it uniquely bad? Otherwise I think you’re full of shit. Death squads are worse, especially given that regimes that have them no doubt do lots of stopping and frisking on their own. Worse than israeli checkpoints? Mass incarceration? As to deporting Muslims, tell me how they’re worse than, say, turning lynch mobs loose on Black Libyans or creating refugee crises all over the world? And then after that let’s table this really disgusting kinda hair-splitting.

      • wendyedavis says:

        i said ‘if implemented’, and what i was seeing was the fear that people of color feel with his statements. but sure, i’ve been arguing most of your points at my home website, plus a few others, wondering why so many people of color voted for the deranged, dethroned queen save for the fact that they exhibit some sort of democrat party stockholm syndrome.

        as to these (admitted by at rt) soros/moveon funded protests, i think it’s not just that the blame russia/wikileaks/trumpista xenophobia finally failed to move voters to her camp, but that they are totally unwilling to grasp that decades clintonian neoliberalism was finally sent to hell along with those family dynasties in favor of a protectionist trumponomics, and we’ll see how that works out ‘for the people’.

        oh, and i did link to this at my home place, thank you.

  10. robert says:

    trump’s words trump obama’s deeds. it’s amazing how much blood gets washed away by a tide of foul verbiage. but it’s depressing how manipulable people are b/c they haven’t a fucking clue what their gov’t is up to. “he’ll roll back obama’s environmental agenda!” you mean the guy who nearly doubled domestic oil production & would hydrofrack the everglades? the guy w/the artificially-deflated oil prices? etc., etc.

    • Tarzie says:

      it’s depressing how manipulable people are b/c they haven’t a fucking clue what their gov’t is up to.

      Yeah. I lost the will to talk to liberals about this election after getting blank stares and furrowed brows when I’d say shit like “What about Honduras?” They had no idea what I was talking about, but acted like I was getting it from fox or alex jones or some shit. I have never seen a group of people so self-protected from actually thinking about anything.

      In a weird way they come by their idiotic, self-righteous fury kind of honestly because they have no idea what they’re complicit in.

      • robert says:

        it’s astounding. and not in a good way. i asked a nice very liberal neighbor a bit back, “why, after 16 of 24 years of clinton/obama, is trump even a thing?” he looked at me like i’d just drop-kicked the family puppy.

      • No soy yo says:

        I spent a ridiculous bunch of time at a feminist site where someone called Clinton a warmonger, and someone replied, “Since you didn’t give details and links you’re a misogynist.” And got all sorts of likes or up votes or whatever. Not even the lesser evilism argument, but the majority there thinking Hillary was an experienced, intelligent candidate. But they think they’re radicals and not liberals because they talk about patriarchy. It’s just like the “I talk about white supremacy, so I must have a sophisticated analysis” idea that people have about themselves. When really, they’re fucking idiots.

        I’m going to be thinking of Joni Mitchell a lot these next four years: “laughing and crying You know it’s the same release.” And vomiting?

      • Tarzie says:

        That is such a genius line I want to listen to Joni Mitchell.

        What you describe is the new paradigm for political discussion. Ignoramus spouts off, calls names. Wins because other ignoramuses fave. It’s so weird how all these morons want to *be* radical. Why can’t they just accept that they’re liberal — and barely that, even — and run along? I guess if they don’t call themselves radicals, they can’t enter radical spaces and enforce liberal discipline with their stupidity and the faving children in tow.

      • Tarzie says:

        Your comment also makes me think of a pet peeve which is that even most of HRC’s detractors credit her with a brilliant mind and competence and there is absolutely no evidence for this at all. I reckon she became such a reflexive, supreme liar from having to cover her dumb ass for so long. I have a theory that the Clintons are corrupt because even as members of a class for whom laws are written, they’re fucking failures at doing anything the legit way. They have to cheat all the time. They’re not competent or disciplined enough for anything else. She has always seemed to me like someone who lacks real confidence who’s pushing herself, afraid of being found out as having nothing much really going on upstairs. Her pitiful awkwardness in some situations actually makes me feel embarrassed on her behalf in my weaker moments.

      • No soy yo says:

        Joni Mitchell was a beautiful songwriter, perhaps the best, always good to listen to.
        From same song, weak and lazy mind rings a bell. Actually people’s parties could fit even though she wasn’t talking about the “protests.”

        I feel like I’m sleeping
        Can you wake me
        You seem to have a broader sensibility
        I’m just living on nerves and feelings
        With a weak and a lazy mind
        And coming to peoples parties
        Fumbling deaf dumb and blind


      • Tarzie says:

        Yeah I’m gonna have to do a YouTube Joni Mitchell dive.

      • gbelljnr says:

        I think calling themselves radical gives them a license to depart from the liberal performance of equanimity, the pretence of fairness and rule-based behavior and the supposed uniform application of firmly held principle. To be a radical for them is to do something they see as a departure from liberalism: to cast even inference, consistency or good faith as instruments of oppression, the angry and public resistance to which makes being on the right side of whatever brittle little orthodoxy is in fashion even more commendable. Of course fear too plays its role, because conformism and sound and fury are the lowest common denominator strategy for dodging the crushing beatdowns that inevitably come to everyone, like a game of Russian roulette.

        Of course, this is all a perversion of language. Liberals are conceited, and these are just another stripe of liberals.

      • Tarzie says:


        This is so beautifully written I want to kiss it.

      • gbelljnr says:

        It’s a bit like how liberals seem to think that it displays their principle even more when they stand up for the free speech of white supremacists and Nazis, and are consequently drawn to white supremacists and Nazis for the opportunity they confer to perform virtue.

        These so-called “radicals” think that it displays their professed values to stick to them and be seen to stick to them even in the face of good faith discussion and evidence-based argument. It is not just admirable but more admirable if – when someone comes along who for all intents and purposes seems to be on a level but just doesn’t understand or doesn’t agree on some point of dogma – you fucking brutalise them and smear them as a venal Nazi or an internalised misogynist or whatever. And so they are drawn to, and feed on, confrontations which might otherwise have been positive sum, because derailing and spite is the point. And so they just end up reproducing one of the essential neuroses of liberals. They are just mutant liberals.

      • Tarzie says:

        I think your take on the rank and file is spot on, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the impact of professional propagandists and trolls on this environment. The hyperventilating style and rhetorical maneuvering of these people is almost indistinguishable from hasbara. David Brock is apparently the genius behind Clintons trolls. Before a Damascus moment, he cut his teeth as a right-winger churning up scandals against the Clintons back when Bill was president.

      • No soy yo says:

        Yeah since I don’t watch tv or listen to speeches, when I get a snippet online of a press conference, or even taking a few softball questions, I’m always surprised by her since I keep reading about how smart she is. I had seen the part about “I have real billionaires supporting me” which I was thinking must be off-script and the whole campaign couldn’t be that incredibly dumb, but you never know. It even fell flat in the audience. But then I saw people linking to it in a “so there! She sure showed Trump!” attitude. Is Everyone a moron? The economy is shit and she’s bragging about her billionaire support? And dissing Trump for not being a “real” billionaire? And her supporters are linking to it and not hiding it? And she doesn’t even seem that good scripted these days either.

        I have wondered, along with only the right and not the left, about her health (and/or substance abuse status) since it does seem worse. One of the snippets I saw online was the first time she had taken questions from the press in many months, just from her corps on the plane (and one of only 3-4 questions was “Do you miss The Goodwife?”) and she couldn’t complete a sentence — even when she was just saying something like, “Hi Bob, so nice to see you blah blah.” She lost her train of thought. I can be a rambling speaker, so I can relate, but I’m not trying to be president, with years of experience and with millions bragging about my competence.

      • Tarzie says:

        I think the case being made in the trumposphere for Parkinson’s is pretty credible. Of course it’s being discredited because it’s in bad faith. But the facts are there.

      • gbelljnr says:

        we shouldn’t lose sight of the impact of professional propagandists and trolls on this environment

        Yeah, that’s a really important point.

      • No soy yo says:

        “I think calling themselves radical gives them a license to depart from the liberal performance of equanimity, the pretence of fairness and rule-based behavior and the supposed uniform application of firmly held principle…”
        I also enjoyed this comment.

        “we shouldn’t lose sight of the impact of professional propagandists and trolls on this environment.”
        Yeah, definitely. And considering the stakes and the technical and other abilities and cash at the ready, along with the strange spectacle we saw, I think it probably goes further than that. I just haven’t decided which one or more of the numerous “conspiracy theories” I’ve read makes the most sense. I’m waiting to see how the next few months or so play out, and years. The only one I don’t believe is “Russian Spies.”

      • gbelljnr says:

        The only one I don’t believe is “Russian Spies.”

        That one seems to be shaping up to be the Birther Conspiracy of post-Obama America.

      • poob says:

        I love your analysis of Hilary. It rings true for me. I was thinking on similar lines, although my cynicism now suggest that she was not only pushed to run but chosen or made to fail. I believe the ruling class think they can get everything they want under Trump, without ruining the moderate reputation of the Democrats that they can save for later. Trump is a punishment for questioning bipartisan foreign policy.

      • Tarzie says:

        I was wondering if this is all going according to plan myself. Considering how hard every element of the establishment fought for Hillary, it seems unlikely. I’ve gotten so paranoid I can really go down rabbit holes now trying figure the ruling class angle.

      • poob says:

        …make that for opposing dystopian bipartisan rule in general.

      • poob says:

        The Democrat’s powerful media establishment will fight for their candidate no matter what, that’s true, and certainly there are billionaires who favoured her, and the Clinton’s have a large establishment of their own that is largely within that establishment. I need to take a look at the donor list comparisons. I didn’t even do it during the campaign because I was trying to avoid the whole thing as much as possible. The choice of Hilary Clinton was odd they. Yes, she’s part if the establishment, but don’t the Democrats understand the concept of likability (which for me Sanders doesnt have that much of either). If tiny parties like the Humane Party and the Green Party can come up with attractive likable candidates like Cliffton Roberts, why can’t a much larger party like the Democrats? All the candidates of both major parties seem suspiciously unelectable. Trump is the most human and likable, which is saying something.

      • poob says:

        Sorry for my ever shocking spelling. I should clean up my act for this less land-filled medium.

      • No soy yo says:

        So, I saw a theory that it was actually Hillary that was the “Pied Piper” candidate, though they didn’t use that term. For the Repubs, particularly the Bush Boys for Jeb. But then Bush went down hard in the primaries and Trump soared and they set their sights on him. Beyond that I’m not sure I agree with the theory, though who knows (voting machines, Trump using his own cash so Wall St could still give money to Hillary while wanting Repub, etc.) I think it was on Zero Hedge. The first part definitely made sense to me. Hillary always seemed like such an unpopular candidate. It’s sort of amusing if there were two candidates who were each the “Pied Piper,” And it sure seemed that way!!

        St. Clair said that at the end, the military people just thought Hillary was too unstable, and got the FBI to leak.

        There’s some totally wild stuff (pizza) at a Libertarian-type’s place (non-American Libertarian) that I actually haven’t ruled out given the people involved, though it could be all made up by crazies; I think it’s also on a Reddit for Trump fans.

        Can’t remember if there were more.

        [I still discount only the Russian spies, but now with gbelljnr’s link, I know I actually do need to worry about criminal, NG, Russian hackers if I ever have enough in the bank to worry about. That’s some serious capital they’re investing in hacking technology.]

    • No soy yo says:

      “That one seems to be shaping up to be the Birther Conspiracy of post-Obama America.”

      Well, I actually think it’s the “Iraq has WMD’s” of post-Obama America. It’s not fringe like birthers. It is repeated in just the same way by the mainstream (and so-called alternative) press as the WMD’s — no questioning of their sources. At first every reference to someone official saying it was the Russians was third-hand. “The White House says that security experts claim that it has a signature that is similar to Russian hackers,” or something like that. Then, second-hand: “security experts claim that it has a signature that is similar to Russian hackers,” and no article or almost no article even says, “we spoke to a senior-level security expert who asked to remain anonymous, who says it’s the Russians.” I’ve only seen one (there may have been more recently) that said, “We spoke to X person,” and that person was many times removed from the “investigation” and was equally vague. I’m sure the WH or whoever told them exactly how to word it.

    • wendyedavis says:

      “… but it’s depressing how manipulable people are b/c they haven’t a fucking clue what their gov’t is up to.” yes. in a bit of an argument w/ a commenter at the café, after asking why so many blacks were captive to Ds he’d said brought in raygun’s law and order campaign, drug wars, nixon’s ‘southern strategy’, yada yada, but what about the last clinton/bush/obama decades? are you infantilizing blacks?

      perhaps in their trepidation they can’t see beyond the border to the clinton crime machine in haiti (with the aid of bono, gates, and other Important fake helpers of the poverty planet, esp. africa) and the clinton version of murder, inc. in so many nations around the globe. they may instead see trump’s alliance w/ (9/11 and a verb) giuliani and his hate machine of ‘the other’ and envision NYC’s and other major cities having been trained by the IDF (federales against the zapatistas, too) to the point where the hegemon has offices in israel (mebbe tel aviv? i’ve forgotten).

      anyway, it’s late for me, i know i’ve forgotten a couple other things i’d hoped to remember to bring, but goodnight all.

      • Tarzie says:

        I think Black people vote Dem for the same reason all liberals do, and probably fear republicans the most, not without cause, given republican rhetoric. You can’t really talk about voting patterns without factoring in how little most people know going in. I reckon they’re no better informed than most liberals, and that many, maybe even most, had no idea what Haiti hadto do with anything this time around, just like the white liberals I talk to. They don’t vote in the same numbers as whites, though. Apart from the Obama elections, their turnout is always lower than whites.

      • No soy yo says:

        I met a Haitian American here in Florida and he mentioned the elections which I wouldn’t normally talk about with a stranger in a non-political context, and I talked about the Clintons’ history in Haiti. He was totally shocked: he was sure it was because I had lived outside the country since he had never met a single American who knew anything about it. He had just voted that day (early); bought into lesser of two evils of course. He didn’t tell me who he voted for, but I think it was Trump, who he called “the other guy.” Can’t even bring himself to say the guy’s name, and acknowledges he’s racist, but … What a “choice” as usual: the racist guy who thinks you’re a thug or the woman who destroyed your homeland. He brought up Michelle’s fake crying speech that day about sexual assault, so he saw through the Obamas, too.

        So I think a lot of times, and increasingly so, a lot of different people see through the BS, but there’s nowhere to go with it if you’re taught lesser evilism. And I think that was a lot of it this time.

        But it does sink in, and not voting is definitely the best option for many (and my preferred response as well). This is one reason that I think there must be some “conspiracy” with the election: turnout has really been going down. They can’t retain legitimacy if it goes too low. And it will surely go up next time. As a matter of fact, there will be recriminations galore against non-voters in the coming 4 years. (Though Ethan Coen didn’t sarcastically thank me, so I must have done something wrong).

        Re. fear and voting Dem in the Black community specifically, here’s a good article, and BAR has had several others.

      • Russ says:

        “You can’t really talk about voting patterns without factoring in how little most people know going in.”

        So you think they’re not just ignorant, but unaware of the fact that they’re ignorant?

        All the corporate liberals I know are certainly morbidly ignorant, but I don’t think they’re so stupid that they don’t know they’re ignorant. They’re aware that dissidents make adverse contentions about e.g. the Democrat Party, and they have the wherewithal to go read these points of view, but they consciously choose not to know about it.

        (I’ve long considered willful ignorance to be morally identical to conscious lying.)

        I suppose if one thought it worthwhile to try to deprogram such persons, it might make a difference whether they’re truly ignorant or willfully depraved. Otherwise it probably doesn’t make any difference.

      • Tarzie says:

        So you think they’re not just ignorant, but unaware of the fact that they’re ignorant?

        I think self-superiority and vanity are so entrenched in liberal culture that, yes, many of them are ignorant without knowing it. In a recent conversation I had with one of them, I described what had happened in Honduras in 2009 and the guy told me he was a professor of political science and very well-informed and read and watched a lot of news and hadn’t heard anything about it. The implication was that I was making it up or getting bad info.

        But you raise a good point because I do think a lot of them are ignorant and they know it but they’re so confident that doing what other liberals are doing is the right thing to do that they feel no obligation to bone up.

        I agree with you that willful ignorance and willful lying are morally equal, under some conditions. I think to render a judgment, though, you have to factor in the means available to the person for becoming informed: education, time, etc.

  11. robert says:

    “the pr coup of this century so far.” maybe. but let’s not forget who won “Ad Age’s” “Man of the Year Award” for his 2008 campaign to be front man for the National Wal-Mart & Global Gun Range..

  12. gbelljnr says:

    So glad you blogged this!!! You’ve really put your finger on the vilest part of this aftermath.

  13. robert says:

    obama’s football metaphor may be appropriate. these two were sabotaging each other in the contest of who gets to be quarterback of team america, be in the limelight, etc., but they are both on the same team, paid by the same people in the sky boxes, paid to produce a game to distract the spectators. voting is like fan applause & cheerleading: the fan feels better but it doesn’t mean shit for the outcome on the field. and when all the fans cheer together…

  14. Nicecore says:

    Thank you for this. Lately I feel more lost than ever amidst the cacophony of narratives, takes, micro-takes, social media beefs, etc. all crashing into each other and this feels like a little oasis of sanity. The other day I came close to expressing my ambivalence with these protests on Facebook, but I got worried about the shit I might get for it and decided against it. Fuck this shit. It’s just one thing after another. First you were a privilege-blind racist misogynist if you didn’t unequivocally support the presidential campaign of one of the most prolific, horrendous ruling class criminals of the last several decades, and now you’re standing against victimized POC if you don’t go out into the streets and join the Purple Pantsuit revolution. Fucking hell, where does it end.

  15. Crosley Bendix says:

    I live in the same town as Paul Street. While sometimes his analysis can be useful, he is a part of the crowd of “Marxists” and “anarchists” who keep people on the Democrat’s plantation. A great example of this was at an organizing meeting for the Chicago G8 protests. He gave a good presentation criticizing Obama and then launched into a spiel about the importance of voting for him. I challenged him on this and he started a rambling retrograde defense of working in the Democratic party going back in time Presidential candidate by Presidential candidate. We went back and forth for a while, with him showing increasing frustration, and he finally stopped saying something about how the Vietnam war would have come to an end if Hubert Humphrey would have been President. I said that everything that I had read said that Humphrey had run a “stay-the-course” campaign on the subject of Vietnam. At this point he turned his back to me and refused to acknowledge me.

    He has worked in Democratic campaigns for a long time. I think that a real American left will challenge anyone who works for the Democrats as having a conflict of interest.

    • Tarzie says:

      It’s interesting that you say that, because on the podcast I just listened to he said he never supports lesser evil voting. I thought “What???” because I recall him saying that anyone who wouldn’t vote for Kerry in 2004 was a sociopath. I was hoping I misremembered because I like him. He’s very astute and down to earth. But your description syncs up with my recollection entirely. You are absolutely right about Humphrey, who was famously a hawk. Perhaps he means that Humphrey might not have prolonged it the way Nixon and Kissinger did. Still pure speculation based on nothing, really. When people like him do this shit, it’s particularly pernicious, because he is so smart and genuinely radical most of the time.

      I totally agree that professional democrats are the enemy. But if this election didn’t convince people of that, I don’t know what will. So many people are breathlessly following the DNC’s renewal right now.

      • No soy yo says:

        Yeah between Obama and Clinton there’s no longer any defense of DNC and lesser-evilism. During first term, after a year or so and he had doubled down on Bush’s policies, I would ask people how Obama was better than Bush, and all they could come up with was Obamacare, and a bunch of BS and outright lies that they had heard on MSNBC or wherever, and blame the Republicans when they had such a huge majority.

        More people were obviously seeing that, but now with Trump it’s back to the drawing board.

  16. teri says:

    Strange how the top Democrats are all talking about how “we must” and “they will” work to help make Trump a “successful president” and how we need to have a “smooth transition of power”. This wording cannot indicate anything but the fact that Trump is just as acceptable to the PTB and is, in fact, acceptable to the Democrats themselves as Clinton. Gone is all the talk – from just a fucking week ago, for God’s sake, that Trump is unfit to be the president and a danger to the country.

    They are not talking about how Clinton is actually ahead in the popular vote (and widening that lead as more votes continue to come in). In fact, she conceded before Trump hit that magic 270 electoral college number. What was up with that? My own theories range from her being sicker than anyone has let on, to that pesky FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation (which is still ongoing) being more likely than not to lead to criminal indictment. Obama, of course, may preemptively grant her a broad pardon before he leaves office so that Trump and the FBI can’t ever bring charges against her and Billy. (Maybe this pardon is her consolation prize and why she conceded so quickly.) Or maybe that $2 quadrillion derivatives market is about to drop a Fat Boy on the economy and Clinton decided she didn’t want to be large and in charge when that happens. There’s a reason she and hubby moved most of their cash over to Qatar and out of the US a month or so back.

    The Democrats could at least be pointing out repeatedly that Trump has no mandate for his filthy programs, which he is gradually altering to more closely align with the Republican agenda and with their avid help, and they could be standing up en masse to declare that the Dems in Congress will obstruct this agenda just like the Repubs announced as soon as Obama won his first term. But they are not. They could be furiously working on legislation to try and ram through Congress to protect the supposed Democratic “ideals” (LOL) before Trump actually takes office. But they are not.

    We weren’t going to get anything but crapshit no matter who won this stupid fake election. Either of the candidates left standing, once the Democrats successfully canned the Socialism Lite Sanders who might have – gasp – won the election, is equally acceptable to the plutocracy. And those Ayn Rand capitalist fuckers want it all. Americans are going to be stunned when they lose the last of their commons and their money. But it would have happened with either Trump or Clinton. Interchangeable, for all intents and purposes; just that one pees standing up and the other sitting down. (Turns out some people vote on bathroom habits, after all.)

    What is the Democratic leadership working on to protect their “ideals” and the Obama “legacy”? Here ya go: two fucking days after the election, Obama put in a request for billions more of war funding to be added to the 2017 budget. This request is for another $11.6 bb on top of what was already asked for. It’s for overseas contingency operations (i.e., Pentagon slush fund on top of what they already get in the regular budget), US “homeland security measures”, and my personal fave – USAID funding (CIA/Soros/Omidyar regime changes abroad, inc.) The Republicans are balking because – wait for it – Obama isn’t asking for enough money.

    And that’s what the Democrats are worried about right now.


    • No soy yo says:

      And the “progressive” and other media made the transition from “he’s a Nazi!” to “He’s not changing anything!” and “I thought he was going to clear the swamp!” within two days as Trump’s appointments were announced.

      The Times of London is behind a true paywall, but here’re more lame duck news (came out on election day when we were all watching the spectacle). Not the US but NATO, as if there’s a difference:


      Instead of stopping Trump’s power, he’s helping Trump (and this would have helped Clinton as well) out with some of the things that Trump promised his followers he wouldn’t do.

      • wendyedavis says:

        we were laughing about that one at the café, and how it tied in w/ the senate having passed a ‘young women must register with selective service’ bill. it hadn’t gone to conference, but so many congress-critters, especially Rs were all: “hands off my daughter/s!”

        yeah, cordeliers made a bit of a storify out of Ts having been found ‘sufficient’, guessed at some reasons re: the not-queen. moa says that during their brief meeting at the white house, dt must have convinced him to do joint bombings of isil w/ the roosians. o now vows to fight al nusrah.

        @ teri: great stuff! and ukraine continues to fall apart. so many neo-nazis, so little time. “pierre’s” twit account is predictable for now, but not illuminating. greenwald writes that ‘trump will go full-tilt torture”.

    • RUKidding says:

      You said it! I’ve been ill (not bc of the election, although it didn’t help) and mostly offline this past week. I tossed out my tv years ago and listen to the radio sparingly. But I picked up on this stat: The Ds are all DOWN with The Donald now, and we must have this smooth and peaceful transition. Well, yeah, ok, fine. But absolutely nothing: zilch, zip, nada, zero, bupkiss about how the Ds are gonna be as obstructive as hell, and Trump better watch out and keep his badass in line and so on.

      Nope. Now it’s all: oh we’re the best of friends, and I’m sure “MR.” Trump will do a superfine jawb, and we’re all just ‘Murkins wanting the “best” for our country.

      What a difference ONE measely day makes, but am I one tiny bit surprised at the immediate 150% roll over and capituation by the D party to the bad horrid terrible Ogre Fascist Trump?? No. Sadly, No.

      Also interested me how very very fast Clinton conceded, and that, combined with the transfer of much moola to Qatar, leads me to suspect that Trump was the intended “victim” to be in the White House when the shit hits the fan.

      Democracy? What the hell is that??

  17. wendyedavis says:

    @ No Soy Yo by the way, how does that translate? ‘i’m not i’ or close? i guess the clinton’s fucking over haiti is the the starkest case of who they actually are as a family act, and i did like the wikileaks expose on the foundation a lot.

    that particular glen ford piece i’d missed, and i was glad to earn this: ““They have acquiesced to the Democratic Party’s doctrine that Blacks should be divided among voting districts, so as to spread their dependably Democratic votes to the strategic advantage of the Party – an issue that is right now before the U.S. Supreme Court.” remember when it was only Rs who were accused of gerry-mandering?

    i can sure see reasons to not vote, but i think to make an impact it would need to be a planned movement far ahead of the election. i almost skipped the prez line, but decided that because baraka, i’d vote green. you’re welcome, ethan coen. (shite, there’s so much nonsense out there right now.) i haven’t looked at the ‘petition to the electoral college’, but yesterday it had over 3 million signers. now talk about launching a bloody insurgency if the electors switched from t to queen; what idiocy. ‘it’s a constitutional crisis’ is being given a lotta play; ‘she had more votes’.

    @ tarzie: apparently fewer blacks voted at all this time, but i had wondered how many voted for the bern in the primary; ford at no soy yo’s link said…not many. the ford foundation just gave black lives groups a shitton of money, hoping to create ‘leaders and lobbyists’ out of them. some investment in aid of dems; hope it backfires.

    @ robert: i got to musing that the other part of ‘how manipulable people are b/c they haven’t a fucking clue what their gov’t is up to” can also be willful, as in by choice. one librul website i check out once in awhile had such love for clinton helping to rescue those poor libyans, and yes: she’ll do more of the same” sort of clueless gunk.

    • No soy yo says:

      Yes. I’m not I, or It’s not me, or I’m not me, or I’m not the one, depending on translation and personal grammar preferences.

      Thanks for Haiti link.

      Black voters in Michigan voted for Bernie, I can’t remember the numbers. It was a “shocking upset” for Bernie — a huge difference between polls and outcome (hmm. People in Michigan really don’t like Hillary. Can’t imagine why). Michigan is also where there are a lot of Muslim Americans:

      “We looked at—we looked at Dearborn this time around for Hillary. I’m going to be honest with you. Hillary wasn’t helping me. I went around the country talking an anti-Trump message, because I couldn’t bring myself to support her and be as a surrogate like I was for Bernie Sanders. War hawk, warmonger—people were worrying about what she would do in Syria, looking at her foreign policy.”


      • wendyedavis says:

        well if any state felt the end-time results of clintonian neoliberalism, it was MI. from obomba saving the auto industry (with two-tiered labor hiring a feature), to ’emergency managers cutting off water for apartments that former tenants never paid, to ead pipe poisoning. an mumia abu-jamal said: “if it takes trump to defeat neoliberalism…so be it.

        but cordeliers hs been doin’ some scoutin’, as ever:, including this from the war pimp from the imperium, avaaz. i clicked thru, and swear to godess, dt actually IS hitler, and avaaz recommends wearing a safety pin to the lgbtq community.

        at last count the petition to electoral college electors to change their votes to C had 4,113,246 ‘supporters’. fancy the ‘constitutional crisis’ if that happens, not to mention the blood in the streets. do they get that? that can’t be their aim, can it. general strike on jn. 20th, because: #noTrump. well, that’s fine.

    • robert says:

      the concern for wealth/status/job security underlying liberal group think should not be underestimated. the 1st line of tyranny for most of us in this country is the boss. many liberals, esp. die-hard HRC fans, have made their peace w/the boss & think the salary & benies are merit for hard work & intelligence, rather than bribes for their conformity, conscious lying and/or willful ignorance. (not denying that many of these people are hard-working, even extremely so. capital sucks labor out of people of all stripes.)

      the more bernie-sided liberals are so outraged that they are even making statements like the following: “we need to abolish the electoral college! impose term limits!” face palm. poor liberals. so hung up on procedural BS. if you going to go thru whatever the incredibly onerous, & perhaps impossible in this day, labor to amend the constitution, why don’t you expend all that labor on something that means something, like abolishing nuclear weapons? & hey, mrs mba or mr. mfa or esq, did you notice lately that potus has term limits? that senators are now elected “directly by the ‘people'”? that women can vote & sit on juries & run for any office?

      as gbelljnr says above, and i’m stealing it:
      “[liberals] are consequently drawn to white supremacists and Nazis for the opportunity they confer to perform virtue.” i spent part of the morning w/a gaggle of frantically honking professional liberal geese, not a one of whom shows a flicker of consciousness, much less conscience, about the words: drone assassination program (etc., etc.) “performance” is right, all this maudlin hand-wringing & hushed concern about what’s become of “their” country. watch how quickly most of them accommodate themselves to the new regime.

  18. No soy yo says:

    As I’m watching these protests and “unity vigils” continue this weekend, the thing that is really disgusting me is that they’re all about the USA. It’s center-left-ish nationalism, which I don’t really like a whole lot more than right-wing nationalism. So not only are we ignoring everyone else around the globe when we allow the Dems to kill non-whites abroad, we’re also ignoring their continued deaths in these protests against Trump: “Make America Love Again,” etc. I’m also starting to really worry about what may be coming our way (and the globe’s way), as these orchestrated protests seem like they must have some additional purpose (no pun intended). I don’t know if Syria/Russia is enough to explain it. I sort of feel like there’s a major economic disaster looming that the elites aren’t sharing with us.

    • RUKidding says:

      You echo some very random thoughts I’ve had vis the “protests.” I have overseas friends asking me if I’m participating. I ask back: why? What, exactly, is the point of these “protests”? I’m not getting them or what they’re intended to “do.” There’s no action associated with them. Maybe it’s meant to “temper” Trump’s racism or something? Like as if some protest would in any way influence Trump – or at least influence Trump to go along with your POV. Cut me a break.

      I feel like we’re just getting on the roller coaster now, and it’s just about to start that long slow climb to the top of rise before madly plummeting downwards. Suspect it’s not gonna be that much fun, though.

      • No soy yo says:

        I’m wondering if the energy put into the protests could have been based on a stupid mistake at Avaaz?


      • Tarzie says:

        That’s something separate from the election committee petition, isn’t it? I didn’t know Avaaz was involved but it figures.

      • No soy yo says:

        Well the whole Soros NGO complex involved, but it was the Avaaz involvement that got me a bit concerned and thinking there was a bigger motive than distracting us from problems w/ the two-party system, and steering us back to Dems, because of their oversees work. Still not sure. The petition was related because helping to stir up hope and fury. That big bad electoral college is the problem! Yes we can fix it!

        I do know that David Swanson for example, said this asinine thing, and while I don’t think he has a deep or insightful political analysis and I’ve often disagreed with what he says, I couldn’t really believe it. The message is that we have Trump because of voters or non-voters (and since he was I guess a Stein supporter, the message is we could have Stein if more people voted):

      • Tarzie says:

        Yeah, that’s weird. I’ve never really liked that guy. There’s something missing that I can’t put my finger on.

      • Russ says:

        My only reply to all this scum is “You could’ve had Sanders if you’d wanted, but you didn’t want him.” Period, for every Democrat Party cultist.

        (Not that I ever regarded Sanders as anything but a crook, but any alleged “progressive” had him as an option, and enough of them didn’t want him that they ended up with the result they did, implicitly, want.)

  19. RUKidding says:

    Thanks for your post, Tarzi. Late to the party due to being ill (not from the election, but it didn’t help). You speak/write very clearly what a small percentage of us in this benighted country see, understand, know and feel. Most voters – no matter which party they affiliate with, as well as so-called Independents – are remarkably pig-ignorant about almost anything that’s really happening. Well it’s not ever – or almost never – “reported” on, so one has to hunt out real news/information in alternate sources. Most citizens simply can’t be bothered, and anyway, that faaabulous tv show is on in 10 minutes… blah blah

    I can usually tell when someone is truly open to learning more about what’s really going on, and I have pointed some people to what I consider to be more reputable blogs and news sites. I warn people that they’re no longer going to see the Obama’s in the same “warm glowing light.” When I see so-called liberals/progressives praising Obama to the skies, I want to puke. When I bring up drone Tuesdays and the rest of it, their eyes glaze over and they change the subject. Ditto with all the issues with Clinton already so well cataloged in this post and/or comments.

    Citizens simply don’t want to know the truth and reality, no matter which Team they most identify with. It is interesting the percentages of Latino/a and Blacks who voted for Trump. It’s also interesting the percentages of Democratic voters who voted for Trump versus the Republican voters who voted for Clinton.

    I despise both candidates. Although Sanders was no great savior in my eyes, I was willing to countenance him as a marginally credible candidate this year. Of course, we all got witness how the Clintons and the DLC dealt with little “problem,” and then we were all told to STFU and vote for Hillbot or ELSE!!!!!!1111!!! Well I guess Or ELSE has happened, and we’ll just have to see how that goes.

    I’m beyond fed up with the bought and paid for Democratic party. Clinton ran a shit rotten campaign that was aimed SOLEY and ONLY at the upper crusts of society, and she clearly demonstrated that she could give a rat’s shit about anyone who, say, earns less than $1million per year. Trump, serial lying con-man that he is, at least put on a good show and got out there and rubbed shoulders with the rubes and made (empty) promises to them. Well who can blame them for clutching at that straw? Despite his fugly rhetoric, a higher percentage of minorities voted for him than did for RMoney.

    So now we’ll see what happens. My surmise is that, like Mr Hopey-Changey before him, Trump will never follow through on the majority of his promises, and he started walking them back almost as soon as he was declared the winner. Will his fans turn on him? Time will tell.

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  21. wendyedavis says:

    @ no soy yo: that avaaz petition was to get states to enact The National Popular Vote interstate compact http://bit.ly/2f3Oike apparently there was a deadline they missed, so they pulled it. interesting if states can collectively choose how to moot the constitutional provision for the electoral college system.

    i’ll stick the other petition in another comment; i’ve forgotten if more than one link trips a comment into moderation here.

  22. wendyedavis says:

    this is the petition to the ‘Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December
    19’ http://alturl.com/48amk

    on swanson, if you’re speaking of him and not kevin gosztola, one reason you may not care for him are that his antiwar positions don’t offer a class analysis as far as i’ve ever read, i’m disenchanted with him for two reasons: he made a good case for sanders being pro-military exceptionalist, liking O’s drone (with a bit less bug splat), and his biggie was that sanders had said ‘the saudis should get their hands dirty to fight isis. as if… it’s hard to say where, or if anywhere, his big three-day conference in deecee went, but Big Shows like that with ‘the heavies’ of a movement bug the hell outta me. i’d add on the bern that he also made plenty of room for further R2P misadventures in the future.

    i took my ‘less bug splat bernie in his own words’ diary to naked capitalism, as they were touting him big time. oh, no, i was told: ‘he’ll be so busy with domestic policy issues he won’t have *time* for military actions.

    i watched a few videos after the fact, tinny and almost worthless to me.

    • No soy yo says:

      Hi Wendy, yes, I know about the Avaaz petition. Thanks for link. It’s just that they’re related to Moveon who organized the initial protests, and they also are involved around the globe; pushed for NFZ in Libya, pushing the white helmets myth, etc. So initially I was worried about Avaaz being so much in the mix of things right at beginning: what was coming in the short term that they were trying to stir up beyond repressing talk about anything other than how bad and scary Trump is. I was trying to figure out the motives of the various power elite and their NGO’s, but then I thought maybe they really just made a stupid mistake with deadline — or, they just changed tactics.

      Yeah Swanson has what are often terrible politics. He also had an article about how great Snowden is (dumb, but not so useful). Like Dolores Vek said, being a Stein voter or non-voter is worse than being vegan, but I was surprised that someone so critical of the two-party system, and a Stein voter himself (I think?), would say we should be forced to vote.

      There’s no relationship between domestic and imperial policies? Some people are so stupid, or willfully vacuous. Forgetting Bernie’s other votes, he fought to keep defense contractors in Vermont, for the economy of Vermont. Multiply that by 50 when you’re concerned about the economy of the country, and paying for free college and whatever carbon-emitting capitalist growth he wanted.

      • No soy yo says:

        I haven’t looked at their numbers but they say at fivethirtyeight that voter turnout wasn’t way down from 2012. I may have to change my thoughts.


      • wendyedavis says:

        i’d just come back to make an apology. in my continually degrading memory, i often forget to say what i’d meant to say, or at least to complete a train of thought. soon i know i’ll be laughed off the internet… but my big chich on swanson was that w/ all he’d written against the bern’s military propensities, once bern began to lead in the primaries, he at the very least…changed his mind about him. pfffft.

        but oh, my yes: avaaz, tck tck, so many other compromised NGOs are funded by the oligarchs of the imperium, and many lead straight back to soros. cordeliers says that it’s likely he’s at the root of the #j20 strikes as well. trouble is, some folks on that twitter tag don’t want it to be ‘all about #noTrump. comically enough, j20 is also a jet fighter, so early entries were about it looking like a russian mig or something. gotta love that!

        rather than go search my own series on compromised NGOs, i googled for cory morningstar; this one isn’t the mile-long exposés her team often offer, although it doesn’t contain some of the damning photos and posters avaaz has used to pimp wars against the usual suspects in afria and south america. if ya want them, holler, and i’ll give you the one that has avaaz at my site. human rights watch and amnesty are of course children of soros and his cohort.

        soros is very big on the fake left now. shoot, i deleted the link at politico about soros and the daddy warbucks dems at a 3-day conference at the mandarin hotel in deecee strategizing ‘what’s next’. it’s self-parody all the way.

        anyhoo, best to you.


      • wendyedavis says:

        gads i haven’t even taken the time to read vek’s piece; i clicked in and had seen her essay on beyonce and baraka; yeah, little miss one percent is such a badass panther. i took a lot of heat for calling her out at a librul website at which i cross-posted about four times.

        mandatory voting: now that’s quite a brain-fart, isn’t it? but i figured i’d bring two links so you could see the art and the photos. i’ll put one in a second comment to not trip the moderation wire. https://cafe-babylon.net/2016/01/03/introducing-avaaz/

      • wendyedavis says:


        there’s also one at the café in the ‘compromised ngo’s’ category on the right sidebar titled ‘Compromised NGO Avaaz and Israeli Officials by way of: Destroying Syria: a Joint Criminal Enterprise’ i don’t even remember writing. how pathetic is that?

  23. onceagain489 says:

    Reblogged this on Once. Again. and commented:
    Tarzie’s on fire. Another must read.

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