New Republic Moron Jeet Heer Has A Plan to Fix the Democrats!

Yes, these people really do believe we’re on the brink of fascism. You can tell by how very serious they are.

Democrats Should Run a Celebrity for President, Too

Cool how the managerial class understands the problem is how to best package ruling class poison as opposed to giving people material reasons for voting. As if the real problem with the thoroughly corrupt, Wall Street-owned, racist, war-monger Clinton was her lack of charisma. That the New Republic senior editor credits Ronald Reagan’s success to celebrity is a measure of how deep the stupid goes. I won’t belabor it.

Of course, the best liberal self-satire is in their extremely important Twitter strategizing sessions and this one doesn’t disappoint, as Jeet and pals consider various celebrity savior possibilities.



We should be grateful, really. These people are merely dirt on the Democratic Party’s grave. An ever-tightening circle jerk of irrelevant nitwits. Burn down “The Left.” All of it.

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14 Responses to New Republic Moron Jeet Heer Has A Plan to Fix the Democrats!

  1. Albert Meyer says:

    It’s perfectly sensible. The purpose of politics is to entertain and distract us while the empire is run to benefit its owners. Why wouldn’t they hire an entertainer to play the role of President?

    • Tarzie says:

      Were that satirical spirit animating Heer and pals’ brainstorming, I’d have had no objection, though I don’t agree with you in slightest that the purpose of the president is entertainment and distraction.

  2. diane says:

    Their Avatar™s (along with the use of their full names, or enough clues to know who they are) are usually a dead giveaway.

    a knee jerk, not mulled on, categorization:

    1. Double Ironic Avatars – such as Heer Jeet using the Blowhard Avatar as if to snicker at Blowhards when that’s what he actually is.

    2. The Smug, mostly White Male (usually with highly noticeable thick framed glasses), MSN Journo/Coder Avatar – e.g. Yglesias, Cory Doctorow (jeesh, I despise him).

    3. Grinning real life photos of themselves, letting all know that none of the misery affects them and they’re not at all worried about saying anything to disturb Empire.

    4. Serious looking! real life Glam Photos of themselves when they know people admire them (and are many times weakened by that) for their physical attributes but haven’t yet reached Clooneydom Star Celebrity! – they usually can’t help but betray their vanity within an hour of tweeting.

    • diane says:

      (oops can’t forget 5: the Will Menacker (sic?) Chapo House 12th dimensional chess style avatar, but have run out of time to categorize it in a few words or less.)

  3. No soy yo says:

    But which celebs would be willing to sacrifice so much for “public service?” I mean, being president means giving up fame and fortune and power compared to being a movie star.

    • Henry says:

      Back in Reagan-time, a friend of mine used to argue, half-seriously, that “they” had really wanted to put John Wayne in the White House but he died too soon (1979). Of course, he (my friend) was ignoring Reagan’s eight years in Sacramento. But now things have changed. First Minnesota got The Body and now all of America get The Donald.

    • So Far Right says:

      Bill Maher would love to run for political office, but then he would
      have to wake up in the morning Don’t judge him too harshly though, he and Fareed Zakaria think its great that some people want to work for MSF rather than be celebrities.

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  5. Hieroglyph says:

    Gatekeeper celebrity left zero hour is rapidly approaching. We should all by excited, and a little bit curious. You see, on inauguration, they are all going to officially lose their minds; I can almost imagine them walking around naked, and dribbling, as though Washington DC was an enormous psyche ward (not a huge stretch, to be fair). The signs are already there: they are – to a man and woman – defending war-crimes, DNC corruption, Hillary bleeding Clinton (this still amazes me), and the laughably criminal security apparatus. It must take a toll. Poor dears. Michael Moore is going on the 1 million woman march, apparently, perhaps he’ll wear a dress.

    Accept defeat, losers. Clean house, get rid of the crooks (Clinton), the sleezy fakes (that’s you Bernie), and the incompetents (Podesta). And the paedophiles, if indeed they do exist, about which I remain a little baffled. And if Trump does turn out to be some sort of fascist – which I truly doubt – at least you’ve got rid of various shit-kickers, and can mobilise accordingly.

    Mind, apparently they are talking about impeachments, and soft-coups, and secret congressional hearings to bar Trump. In which case, it’ll all kick off massively, and hopefully the above-mentioned shit-kickers will get strung up, perhaps next to a pizza joint. Irony. The yanks do understand it.

    • Tarzie says:

      I hope we are reaching some bottom but I have my doubts. There seems to be no limit to how much worse than *everyone else* liberals can be.

      At the moment, I’m almost as disgusted with the “radical” J20 nitwits, who no matter how much they insist on the anti-capitalist bipartisanship of their stupid little “festival of dissent” (what one group is actually calling it), are reacting like automatons to Democratic hype about Trump and making common cause with the CIA, russophobes and global capital. How on earth do these fucking idiots — which includes even tankies, though with misgivings — think this ends? The thing is, they don't think. It's all fucking gestures. An NGO-choreographed religious ceremony for "radicals" that are still at heart just disaffected liberals who would have most certainly let a Clinton inauguration pass uneventfully. Fuck all of these assholes. I genuinely couldn’t care less what happens to them on Inauguration Day, since all I see from tip to tail is fascists and morons. Death to liberals. Including the ones that laughably call themselves communists and anti-fascists.

      • robertmstahl says:

        Bad acting seems to follow in “events” such as this. I love F. William Engdahl on the difference, yet, in this continuity of The Crusades, sort of a 69 reference, but better. I could call it the Old Guard, too, the never-ending aspect. Cross that with Nick Kollerstrom’s version on how Rudolf Steiner saw all of this as some ARC of hihistorical import, more of a mistake of Christians than Muslims, you might notice William Blake turning over in his grave.

        Everything, utterly out of time…

  6. Smug, self-righteous fealty to establishment power is so cool and edgy! Yesterday’s tone-deaf liberal “left” fuckwit is today’s super cool Cold Warrior 2.0 selflessly agitating on behalf of the beleaguered military industrial complex. Respect!

    Seriously, hats off and special thanks to…the SNL gang! The unfunniest collection of boring, fossilized white people ever assembled? I thought so too until they redeemed themslves by joking that, wait for it, that “at least” Nazi Germany had the good sense to attack Russia. OMFG that is pure gold! Superb! Brilliant fucking comedy! Twenty million dead Russian commies are giggling in their graves. So funny!

    The freakshow of spineless lobotomized assholes falling all over each other in the rush to obey the directives from Wall Street Liberal HQ is something to behold.

    Yeah, I agree…there is no coming back from this. The leftover left needs to be culled. The charred remains of the insufferably smug Twitter warriors who advocate dropping bombs on Syrians and resurrecting the nuclear arms race would look lovely silhouetted against the setting sun, twisting at the end of a melodically creaking rope in the gentle evening breeze.

  7. diane says:

    welp, my first instinct is that The Commute[!]™:

    1. Is not a pardon, and certainly not the only acceptable acknowledgment: that Chelsea Manning should never have been imprisoned in the first pace.

    2. Can certainly be undone upon a London Inc./Wall Street Whim, despite the Wall Street/Celebrity left’s Assurance™s that it can’t.

    3. Was an utterly Evil exercise of power; in that it let all know that horrid persons subject truth tellers to death (while living death inside a physical body, or physical death), or freedom …dependent solely on their own motivations and hubris.

    4. Last and most importantly, it was an admittance –which will never be declared as such by the power$ that be – that Chelsea was never a threat; was, in absolute fact, a truth teller. Chelsea Manning was prey from ‘day one.’

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